Thursday, May 24, 2012


IN MORTAL HANDS, A Cautionary History of the Nuclear Age

by Stephanie Cooke

In this landmark history of the nuclear age, industry insider Stephanie Cooke draws on her unprecedented access to chart our evolving understanding - and frequent misunderstandings - of nuclear technology.  Nuclear weapons were once seen as the great hope for ending war forever; instead, they spurred a massive arms race now spreading to new countries. Nuclear reactors, once seen as a source of unlimited electricity and often advanced as a solution to global warming, provided cover for illicit nuclear trade, encouraged proliferation, and still pose many other untold dangers. A comprehensive chronicle told in human terms, In Mortal Hands sheds critical new light on the issues currently determining our planet's future.

The Manhattan Project hopes to invite author Stephanie Cooke to join us for an educational event and book signing in New York City this coming fall. Please join us in reading her book, which is available on

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